Twister Career

Thanks to the continuous growth of Twister, we are always looking for the best possible staff! Outgoing, positive, motivated and resourceful people are always at an advantage in our eyes when hiring! If you are warm-hearted when it comes to working with children, and you also love working with other people as part of the team, if your area of expertise is connected to education, if you’re creative and have good organizational skills, and you’re also ready for a dynamic job full of challenges, you are the right person for Twister! Twister’s Human resources manager believes that employee satisfaction affects the satisfaction of all users and associates. We make sure that the working environment makes each employee feel comfortable, and through constant updating of the content of the playroom’s programs we carry out additional staff training. If you feel that you can become a member of the Twister Team, please send a resume to our e-mail:, with the name of the city you are applying for, and look forward to our quick response!