Advertise in Twister playrooms!

Twister is the ideal place to promote your services or products, even more so if they are intended for the target group of the playrooms. While your kids are having fun on the grounds of Twister, ask our staff at the desk for details! They will be happy to show you all the places in the playroom intended for billboards and banners, as well as the playroom corners ready for branding.

Given the big number of visitors in the playroom every day, we are confident that your product or service will by means of advertising in the playroom have a positive effect on children and visitors.
Children and parents take in the advertise in the playroom and their minds start to view it in a pleasant and affectionate way, thus creating a so-called positive brand image.

Twister partnerships
These relate to the participation in organized children’s programs via products or services, your product promotions in a top-of-the-range space, the ability to advertise on Twister staff uniforms, the equipment of a branded corner inside the playroom – toys, equipment… There are plenty options, it’s up to you to decide how you want to present your product or service to the target group within this stimulating and motivating space.

Twister Christmas receptions
Traditionally, the Twister playroom marks the end of the year with various forms of holiday celebrations. In thinking of ways to impress both children and adults, the Twister team came up with an idea! Twister offers its customers a top-notch service of Christmas kids receptions. This way our adult customers will get a chance for a relaxed celebration with their coworkers and friends at the end of yet another business year while their kids play under the ever-watchful eye of our professional and creative entertainers! Relax in a warm holiday setting without worrying, because you know that your kids are safe and having a gooood time. Double Christmas receptions? Why not!